Fleet Lubricants Fill Gaps

Chris Clingman

Aug 24, 2022


As a valued patron of Central Valley Ag, you know that we offer and recommend premium Cenex lubricants.  We will always recommend using Cenex lubricants first, but a premium lubricant may not always be the best option for every situation.  It may be hard to justify the cost of a premium lubricant if you have an older piece of equipment.  Maybe you have a large fleet that is not doing extended drain intervals and you are looking for a more cost-effective option.  You could be looking for oil to put in that tractor that has a bad leak but only gets used once a year.  There are lots of reasons why a consumer would hesitate to buy a premium lubricant, and Central Valley Ag has a solution. 

For most applications, Central Valley Ag has a second line of oil that we can offer.  We have researched many different companies and have found a few that we feel offer good quality lubricant at an economical price point.  They may not perform as well as a Cenex lubricant and do not contain quite as good of an additive package, but they could be the perfect fit for those special situations.  At Central Valley Ag, we classify these offerings as our fleet lubricants.  These are quality lubricants that we feel confident enough to stand behind, but low enough priced to fill the need when a cheaper option is warranted.  Throughout the years, during tough economic times, the fleet lubricants that Central Valley Ag offers have filled the gap when a premium offering was not practical.  These offerings have been used in many different applications over the years and have performed well.  Central Valley Ag has been able to provide our fleet lubricants to a variety of different companies, including trash hauling services, grain hauling companies, dirt moving companies and metal salvage companies to name a few.  Some of our producers with older tractors also find a lot of value in the fleet lubricants that we provide. 

Central Valley Ag currently offers a full line of diesel and gasoline engine oils, hydraulic oils, transmissions fluids, gear oils and greases in the fleet brands.  All these offerings are available in conventional, synthetic blend and full synthetic.  If you think you have the need for a fleet lubricant, Central Valley Ag should be able to meet that need.  We also have the tools available to cross reference your current lubricant and recommend a lubricant that will be suitable for your application.

If you would like more information about any of the lubricant offerings that Central Valley Ag has, contact your local Central Valley Ag Energy office or Certified Energy Specialist that can help you determine the best option for your operation. 

CVA Energy Team

CVA Energy Team

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